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Dr. Sherbyn W. Ostrich, VMD:

Dr. Ostrich graduated Penn State of Veterinary collage in 1964. His love for animals started when he was a young teen working on his uncle’s farm in the summer months. Dr. Ostrich has been in practice over 50 years and still loves his profession. Although he has seen many changes in his profession he would never want to do anything else. Dr. Ostrich and his wife Dianne live on a farm in Millcreek township. They have had many animals over the years, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, dogs and cats. Today they have chickens 3 dogs, and 2 cats.

Dr. Ostrich started Eagles Peak Animal Clinic so he could give your pet the care they deserve, without red tap or unnecessary fees. He loves what he does and helping your pets is his passion.

  • Graduate of Pennsylvania State University in 1964
  • Graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine 1963
  • Has B.S. in Zoology and Entomology
  • Former President of American Veterinary Medical Association 1996-1997
  • Former President of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association
  • Former President of Berks County Humane Society



Dr. Westfall

Dr. Heather Westfall graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005.  Prior to veterinary school, she worked as a veterinary technician for 12 years in a busy emergency and referral hospital, as well as in several animal shelters.  Her experiences before entering veterinary school gave her a solid foundation upon which to build her medical knowledge, as well as a desire to start her own rescue work. As a veterinarian, she hoped to help people and their pets, as well as pets who had no one to care for them. Her goal has been to help as many as she could and find them forever homes, while continuing to serve the beloved pets of the Berks County community as though they were her own.


Dr . Heather and her husband, Dan, have been involved with rescue of medically and surgically needy pets for many years, and have helped to rehabilitate and rehome almost 70 animals.  Those who found their permanent homes with Dr. Heather are fondly known as “The Decrepit Dozen”, and her husband has been widely known as “Poor Dan”, “Saint Dan”, or “Poor Saint Dan” .  Dan is an artist, and works from home while managing to keep the fur kids in comfort.


In addition to rescue work and animal welfare, Dr. Heather particularly enjoys complex medical cases, soft tissue surgery, pharmacology, anesthesia and pain management. In her free time, she prefers to say home with Poor Saint Dan and the Dozen, as well as their six cats, five goats, two ponies, and a partridge in a pear tree. Her hobbies are non-existent, unless you include hanging out with the aforementioned critters (including Dan).







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